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Half and One is a space for cartoons and comics, journalism and narrative non-fiction, poetry and fiction.

At Half and One, we produce original, quality and off-beat written, audio and visual content.

We produce videos, documentaries, podcasts and films.

Our content is fun, informative, interesting, wide-ranging, diverse, and thought provoking.

Our content is niche.

Hello there!

Do you like niche and modern stories? Are you interested in unfiltered cartoons? Are you a person that likes sharpness combined with blunt wit? Are you tired of consuming mainstream news and media?

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Babatdor Dkhar

Babatdor Dkhar is the Founder of Ka Ktien Media and the Creative Head of Half and One. He is the Charles Wallace Creative Writing Fellow at the University of Kent, UK. He has an MSt from Oxford University, UK, and a B.A.L.LB from NUJS, Kolkata.


Neil Wallang

Neil Wallang is the Operations Manager at Ka Ktien Media and a Staff Writer at Half and One. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English from Delhi University.


Allen B Thangkhiew

Allen B Thangkhiew is the Lead Designer. He has a degree in Animation from Picasso Animation College, New Delhi, and has been honing his trade in art and illustration for years.


Damehi Laloo

Damehi Laloo is in charge of Videography. An artist, he has a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.